Special Cash Sweep

Malaysia is recognized for a wide range of lottery games. Most of them have excellent odds and a very low entry cost, making people across the globe curious about the possibilities.

Special Cash Sweep is one of these games, and while there isn’t an awful lot of information about the company behind this lottery, we have done some digging to provide you with reliable data. It operates in the Sarawak region and just as many of its competitors, the company focuses on some of the most prominent lottery formats in Malaysia.

What is Special Cash Sweep: An Overview and Some History

The name of the company behind this Malaysian lottery is not Special Cash Sweep. Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd organizes the game and it is carried out under the Special Cash Sweep brand name.

The company initiated its operations in 1995, and it is the exclusive agent for the provision of Sarawak Turf Club Special Cash Sweep Number Forecast Lotteries. In the very beginning, the company was set up to provide two lotteries to the public – 1 + 3D Big/Small and 3D Big.

A little bit of additional research reveals that Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd falls under the umbrella of Berjaya Assets Berhad. The parent company is the sole agent for the Equestrian Club and Sarawak Turf. This means that it has the exclusive right to operate sweepstakes and forecast lottery games in the Sarawak region.

More about the Game

Today, the company still carries out drawings for the two primary games that it started with – 1 + 3D Big/Small and 3D Big.

In 1 + 3D Big/Small, players have to choose a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. There are three main prizes, as well as some consolation prizes. As the name suggests, players have the freedom to make both big and small bets. A big bet comes with a bigger number of prizes but smaller sums for each. A small bet features only three prizes but the amount is much bigger than in the case of a big bet.

The 3D Big game is the classic three-digit lottery format. For a chance to win a prize, players will have to submit their three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999 for the respective drawing.

In both cases, players have the freedom to choose the bet amount on their own. Bets start from as little as one ringgit. Higher bets will obviously result in higher payouts, but they’re also riskier than investing a smaller number in a Special Cash Sweep game.

Is Special Cash Sweep Legitimate or a Scam?

Malaysia’s Special Cash Sweep is entirely legitimate.

The company structure and affiliation is transparent. You can find all of the relevant information about the entity responsible for the game on the Special Cash Sweep website. Also, the contact information is readily available. Anyone who has additional questions is free to call and find out more about Natural Avenue or its parent company Berjaya Assets Berhad.

The company operates under the Malaysian Pool Betting Act of 1967. There’s a strict regulatory framework concerning every aspect of sweepstake organization, including the selling of the tickets and the payment of the results.

You don’t need to worry about scams when playing the Cash Sweep games. These are completely legitimate, and you’re not at risk of being ripped off. All that you have to do is identify an official Special Cash Sweep agency, to get your tickets.

Special Cash Sweep

Who Can Play Special Cash Sweep?

All lotteries in Malaysia, including the Special Cash Sweep games, are available to individuals aged 21 and older.

Lotteries also have a prerequisite for potential ticket buyers to be non-Muslim.

Foreigners who have a legal permit to stay in Malaysia can test their luck with the local lottery games. There are no nationality restrictions and even tourists who may be on vacation in Malaysia at the time being can acquire Special Cash Sweep Tickets.

Can You Buy Special Cash Sweep Tickets Online?

Online lottery ticket buying is not that prominent in Malaysia. The overwhelming majority of lottery games and sweepstakes is available solely offline and when you visit an authorized agent for the respective game.

Special Cash Sweep is not an exception. Currently, you can only buy Special Cash Sweep tickets from the authorized retail venues. An online Special Cash Sweep ticket buying option isn’t available, and the games are also not carried by the international online lottery agents.

Where Can You Find Special Cash Sweep Results?

The Special Cash Sweep latest results will be presented on the company’s official website. There, you can find information about both the 1 + 3D Big/Small and the 3D Big drawings.

Drawings take place at the STC Town Office in Kuching. These are open to the public and provide yet another opportunity for acquainting yourself with the numbers drawn.

If these two possibilities don’t suit you, get the Special Cash Sweep results from Malaysia4DResults.

Our website is dedicated to giving players access to a comprehensive database of information about the most prominent Malaysian lotteries. Since Special Cash Sweep is quite hot in Sarawak, we have results info for the company’s two games.

Just go to the respective game page, and you’ll get the outcome of the latest drawing. Malaysia4DResults also brags an extensive Special Cash Sweep result archive. To access the information that you’re interested in, you will have to select the drawing date from the drop-down menu at the top section of the page. The respective results will be displayed immediately.

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