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Diriwan Corporation runs and operates Lotto88 – one of the most prominent lottery companies in Malaysia. 3D is one of the prominent entries in its portfolio. Lotto88 was founded back in 1988, and through the years, it has launched an array of lotteries for Malaysians and visitors of the country to enjoy.

3D is very popular throughout Malaysia. Currently, there are over 40 local operators that make it possible for lottery enthusiasts to acquaint themselves with the available options and to place their 3D bets.

While 4D is the most popular Diriwan Corporation game, 3D has been gaining popularity since its launch. Here’s everything you need to know about the rules and the prize structure.

3D Rules

3D by Lotto88 is a game in which you have to pick a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999. Each time, there will be three sets of three-digit numbers being drawn to determine the multiple prize tiers and the top winner.

Draws take place on a weekly basis, each Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. A special drawing will also occur on a weekly basis.

Each player has to choose the best that they want to place on their three-digit number. There are two types of bets – standard and PAU. Each one of them costs a minimum of one ringgit per one three-digit number.

Apart from the types, there are four individual bets that players can make:

  • The standard bet enables players to win a prize from any of the different three-digit numbers drawn
  • A system bet (PAU) refers to all of the possible permutations that can be derived from a three-digit number.
  • A 3D roll bet refers to a bet in which any of the numbers can be substituted by R. It usually comes in the following form: R37. In the case, R will be replaced by any number in the range from zero to nine.
  • The quick pick bet is placed on a randomly generated three-digit number.

While the minimum bet is one ringgit, players have the freedom to enter a larger amount in the respective drawing.

In the case of the 3D roll bet, the minimum number of entries is going to be 10. This is why the cost of making such a bet is at least 10 ringgit.

To be eligible to play 3D, participants need to be aged at least 21 as per Malaysian regulations.

3D Prizes

Because players have the freedom to choose the bet that they want to place on their 3D number, the prizes are going to vary. A person who has bet five ringgit will obviously come out with a bigger prize than someone who has chosen the minimum entry of one ringgit.

There are three prize tiers in 3D. Let’s examine what the possible payout is going to be for the minimum bet of one ringgit:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (RM)
1 First three-digit number 500
2 100 Second three-digit number
3 30 Third three-digit number

The odds of winning any of the prizes in Lotto88 3D is one in 1,000. While the prizes aren’t the biggest ones out there, the exceptionally favorable odds justify participation in the game.

Keep in mind that as per regulations determined by the State Government of Sabah, there is a 15 percent income tax that applies to all sums won through the lottery. This amount will be deducted before your 3D prize is paid out.

If you are looking for the 3D result, you have come to the right place. Here, you can find the latest 3D results – they will be published as soon as the numbers become available. Also, you can also access a Malaysia 3D results archive that you can rely on for reference purposes.

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