How to Buy 3D Tickets

3D Malaysia is such a popular and fun game that if you’ve never given it a try before, you should change that right now.

Buying a 3D ticket is relatively simple – there are just a few rules to keep in mind when filling out your entry and placing a bet. The following guide will take you through the essential steps that will make you a 3D master. We will also take a look at the 3D ticket cost, as well as the venues from which you can acquire one.

3D Malaysia: A Quick Overview

3D is probably one of the most popular games in Sabah, Malaysia. Over 40 operators are making the 3D tickets available in different parts of the country. The game belongs to the portfolio of Diriwan Corporation, and while 4D is the top pick for Malaysians, 3D has been quick to pick up speed.

As the name suggests, this is a lottery game in which players have to choose a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999 — both the digits and the order matter. To win a prize, players have to match the exact three-digit number drawn for the specific issue of the lottery.

Malaysia 3D comes with a fixed prize structure. Based on a one-ringgit bet, there’s a first prize of 500 ringgits, a second prize of 100 ringgits and a third prize of 30 ringgits. While these amounts aren’t the highest ones out there, it’s essential to keep in mind that 3D games have much more favorable odds than other draw-style lotteries.

3D drawings take place three times per week – on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Players can buy tickets every day of the week, including on the days when the drawings are held. There is a time limit, however, and if a ticket isn’t acquired by then, it will apply to the next drawing.

How to Make Your 3D Ticket Entry

3D ticket sales are available throughout Malaysia, but when you visit a retail venue, you should know how to complete the play slip and which features to activate.

You can place your 3D bet in several ways. The 3D ticket price will be dependent on the number of combinations, as well as on the bet you wish to make.

There are four different ways to fill out a 3D ticket.

The first one is the standard bet. In that case, you will be submitting one entry that features one three-digit number. The 3D ticket price in Malaysia for a standard bet is a minimum of one ringgit. It’s up to the player to choose whether to opt for the minimum or go for a higher bet. A higher bet will increase the size of the prize, but the risk of loss will also be more significant.

A system bet is the next option, and while the 3D ticket cost is higher, the odds of claiming a prize also increase.

In the case of a system bet, the player will be creating a ticket that features all possible permutations of their 3D number. If the number has three different digits, for example, the player will get six possible permutations. For a 3D ticket consisting of three different digits, the system bet minimum cost is going to be six ringgits. If two of the digits are the same, the number of permutations is limited to three, and the price is going to be three ringgits.

3D Roll entries come in the form of a bet that consists of two digits and the letter R. Hence, the entry on the ticket will look something like this: R41. In that case, R will be replaced with all of the numbers from zero to nine. Just like the system bet, the roll bet creates more combinations and increases the odds of winning.

A single roll bet entry consists of 10 combinations, and the cost of that 3D ticket is going to be 10 ringgits.

The final option is familiar to all people who play the lottery. It’s called a quick pick, and it consists of randomly generated numbers. If the player doesn’t want to go for their lucky 3D number, the lottery software will generate a random three-digit entry at the time of the ticket purchase. The quick pick entry costs as much as the standard entry.

In Malaysia, you have to be aged at least 21 to buy a lottery ticket.

There are no restrictions as to the nationality of the people who can give 3D a try. As long as a person is legally in the country, they have the right to try the game and eventually win some cash.

Where to Buy 3D Tickets?

3D ticket sales are readily available throughout Sabah, Malaysia.

You can buy tickets for the full range of Diriwan games at any retail venue of the Diriwan Corporation. The Diriwan betting outlets in Sabah. You can visit the Diriwan Corporation website for more comprehensive information about the licensed venues and their exact addresses.

Most of the retail venues have standard operational hours. On the day of the drawing, players have up to 7 p.m. to acquire a 3D ticket. If they’re late, they will not participate in that daily drawing but rather, their entry will be counted towards the next 3D drawing.

When visiting a retail venue, you’ll have to tell the customer service rep about the type of bet you want to place and the numbers you’d like to play. Alternatively, tell them you want the quick pick option, and the number will be generated on your behalf.

Keep the play slip and the receipt as evidence of the 3D ticket purchase.

Can You Buy 3D Tickets Online?

At the time being, Diriwan does not offer an online ticket buying option.

The only way to get a ticket for 3D or any other game in the company’s portfolio is to visit one of the authorized retail venues.

International lottery agencies do not carry Malaysian lottery tickets at the time. Thus, if you live in another country, you cannot buy Malaysian lottery tickets. Check with international online agencies periodically to see if any change in the scope of available lotteries has occurred.

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