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Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is probably the most popular game in the portfolio of Magnum Corporation. Magnum was the first company to get the license to operate the classic four-digit game. Later on, other versions became available under the portfolios of other operators.

Magnum 4D was set up in December 1968. The private limited company is primarily focused on organizing lotteries, though it has a couple of additional initiatives in its portfolio. 4D is the flagship game of the company, and later on, there were a couple of spin-offs and add-ons that were introduced.

Today, the classic 4D game is as popular as it used to be in the very beginning. There are several reasons why the prominence remains high. For a start, players do not have to pay a fixed amount. The bet is based on individual preferences. This level of flexibility makes it possible to give Magnum 4D a try, even if you don’t have a large sum of money that you can dedicate to it.

Here’s how Magnum 4D works.

Magnum 4D Rules

As the name indicates, this is a standard four-digit game. For a chance of claiming the top prize, players have to choose a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. To win the top prize, they have to match both the digits and the order for the respective drawing.

Drawings take place three times per week – on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. A special draw is sometimes announced, and if such an additional opportunity is available, the lucky number will be drawn on a Tuesday.

To make a submission, players have to choose what kind of bet they’re going to opt for.

There is a big bet and a small bet. In the case of the small bet, there are only first, second and third prize. When a big bet is chosen, players will have the three top prizes and a number of special/consolation prizes. To compensate players for the higher risk, the small bet also comes with the higher payoff.

The minimum bet, regardless whether the player chooses a big or a small bet, is one ringgit. The maximum bet is 999 ringgits.

To increase their odds of claiming a prize, players can also choose a number of additional betting options. While these are more expensive, they’re similar to a system and they increase the odds of claiming a prize.

The three additional bet varieties include mBox, permutate and roll play.

In the case of mBox bets, all numerical combinations will apply. For example, if you submit a number like 3124 and the winning one is 3214, you will win the top prize in the case of a mBox bet.

Roll Play is characterized by having three fixed digits and one roll digit. In the case of 123R, the R will be represented by all of the numbers from zero to nine. Once again, such a bet gives you higher odds of winning. The minimum amount you will have to spend on a roll bet is 10 ringgits.

Finally, permutation play enables you to cover all of the possible permutations for your 4D number. You can choose anywhere between two unique and four unique digit permutations. The minimum cost of the first option is four ringgits and the maximum cost is 24 ringgits.

Magnum 4D Prizes

Because there are both big and small bets, the prize structure in the case of Magnum 4D Classic is somewhat different than in the case of classic lotteries. The example below is based on the minimum bet of one ringgit.

Prize Tier Number of Prizes Big Bet (RM) Small Bet (RM)
1 1 2,500 3,500
2 1 1,000 2,000
3 1 500 1,000
Special Prize 10 180 N/A
Consolation Prize 10 60 N/A

There will be 23 numbers drawn every single time – one number for the first prize category, one number for the second prize category, one for the third, 10 for the special and 10 for the consolation prize. You have to check which category the number you match belongs to. This will determine the payout.

So, what is the biggest possible prize you can claim in Magnum 4D? The answer depends on the type of bet you’ve placed. If you bet 999 ringgits and you choose the big bet, the payout is going to be 2,497,500 ringgits. The small bet is going to be the even more impressive 3,496,500 ringgits. Such a bet comes with a second prize of 999,000 ringgits in the case of a big bet and 1,998,000 ringgits if you opt for the small bet.

If you win any sum, you will have to follow the respective Magnum Corporation payout procedure. Sums of up to 60,000 ringgits can be claimed at any Magnum 4D retail venue throughout Malaysia. Sums of up to two million ringgits will be paid out at the Magnum 4D state office (the addresses are available on the Magnum 4D official website). For larger sums, players will have to go to the corporation’s head office.

Prize claims can begin on the day after the drawing takes place and players have six months to collect. All of the Magnum 4D prizes are exempt from taxation.

Finding out if you’ve won anything depends on checking out the Magnum 4D results. You can do that by watching the live broadcast. If you miss, you can find the latest Magnum 4D results here. Apart from giving you gameplay guides and useful tips, this website is dedicated to featuring a comprehensive results archive. The newest results become available as soon as the drawing takes place.

Please take a look at the drop-down menu in the top part of the page. Choose the date of the drawing you’re interested in, and you’ll be provided with information about the winning numbers.

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