DaMaCai 3D

DaMaCai 3D

3D games have long been popular and they’ll continue gaining fans in the future. There’s a lot that adds to the appeal of 3D lotteries. Flexibility is one of the biggest perks and Da Ma Cai 3D is one game that demonstrates such characteristics.

DaMaCai 3D is a Malaysian lottery from the portfolio of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. This is the classic game that has given birth to a wide range of variations. In the case of Da Ma Cai, some of the derivatives include 1 + 3D, Super 1 + 3D, 3D Jackpot and 1 + 3D Jackpot.

Getting started with DaMaCai 3D is fairly simple. There are several 3D rules to acquaint yourself with and once you master these essentials, the gameplay is always going to be one and the same.

Before getting started with the key characteristics of the game, it’s important to qualify that DaMaCai 3D is completely legitimate. Pan Malaysian Pools and the DaMaCai brand were set up in 1988. Ever since the entity has been responsible for organizing and administering local games. Its retail network is huge and national regulations guide the gaming principles, as well as the payment of prizes.

DaMaCai 3D Rules

Do you want to know how to play DaMaCai 3D? here are the most important game rules to keep in mind.

To submit your lottery entry, you will have to choose a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999. There are also two types of bets to choose among – a big bet and a small bet. The big bet is characterized by a bigger number of prize tiers. The small bet has fewer prizes that are bigger. Thus, the odds are less favorable but if you win, the sum is going to be much more impressive.

As a player, you’re free to determine the amount you’re going to bet on your three-digit number. The minimum bet amount per entry is one ringgit.

Apart from the standard bet, there are several additional opportunities that DaMaCai 3D fans can choose among.

The box bet allows players to cover all possible permutations of their favorite 3D number. If your box bet is for the number 337, you will be playing with all of these numerical combinations – 337, 373 and 733.

If all three digits are different, the cost of the box bet will be six ringgits. If your three-digit number features two identical numbers (like in the example above), the cost of the entry will be three ringgits.

The final option is the roll bet. In that case, your ticket will come in the following form: R27. The letter R stands for all of the numbers from zero to nine. Thus, you will be playing 10 different numerical combinations.

In Malaysia, you have to be aged at least 21 and you have to be non-Muslim to play lottery games. If you are a foreigner who resides in Malaysia legally, you can also give the Da Ma Cai games a try. Tickets can be required from all of the authorized retail venues that are spread throughout the country.

Buying online DaMaCai 3D tickets is not possible at the time being. Da Ma Cai itself does not have an official online ticket buying opportunities. Malaysian games aren’t supported by international online lottery agencies. You will get the chance to test your luck whenever you are in the territory of Malaysia.

Da Ma Cai 3D Prizes

Everyone is playing to attempt getting the biggest DaMaCai 3D prize. Luckily, this is one of the lotteries that feature multiple opportunities to win. The following table will present the amounts for big and small bet winners who place a single ringgit on their submission:

Prize Tier Big Bet (RM) Small Bet (RM)
1 250 660
2 210 N/A
3 150 N/A

If you want to know how to win DaMaCai 3D, you will have to match the last three digits of the 1 + 3D winning numbers as these are drawn. Drawings take place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday each week. Additional special drawings could be scheduled for a Tuesday, as per Finance Ministry requirements.

While 3D isn’t the game that produces the biggest prizes in Malaysia, the odds are pretty favorable. In addition, the bet placement flexibility draws many towards testing their luck and giving the game a try.

Obviously, the size of the bet will be determining for the amount that a player is going to win.

All DaMaCai 3D prizes can be claimed on the day following the drawing. The manner in which the prize will be paid out is going to be dependent on the amount and whether the player has claimed the DaMaCai 3D jackpot.

Sums of up to 75,000 ringgits can be cashed out at any Da Ma Cai retail outlet. For sums in the range from 75,001 to 200,000 ringgits, the player will have to visit one of the regional DaMaCai offices. More information about the addresses is available on the official DaMaCai website.

Larger prizes will have to be claimed at the DaMaCai headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Players have three months from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim, regardless of the size of the award.

In Malaysia, lottery prizes are not subjected to a personal income tax. Thus, the sum that’s being advertised as the prize for the respective drawing is going to be the exact amount that the player will cash out.

The DaMaCai 3D results are made public as soon as the drawing takes place, which means you can instantly find out if you’ve won anything. If you miss the official drawing, however, you have a couple of additional possibilities to check the DaMaCai 3D result today.

The official DaMaCai website will feature the latest numbers and so will our website. We do our best to add the newest results as soon as the information becomes available. In addition, we have an extensive results archive you can rely on to check past winning numbers and fine-tune your DaMaCai 3D strategy.

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