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Sports Toto 4D

Sports Toto Malaysia has its own rendition of the popular 4D game. While the rules are pretty clear and there aren’t that many distinctions from other 4D games out there, this one is worth exploring.

Currently, Sports Toto is the largest lottery operator in Malaysia. If you’re interested in an opportunity that’s secure and reputable, the Toto 4D is the one to check out. Founded back in 1969, the Sports Toto was primarily focused on the popularization of 4D and the various derivatives of the game.

Today, Sports Toto has 650 sales outlets and it offers six games on top of the flagship 4D. if you want a bit more variety, you can certainly explore the 4D Jackpot, as well as the numerical-style traditional lotteries that were eventually added to the Toto portfolio.

Toto 4D Malaysia Rules

If you’re wondering how to play Toto 4D, you’ll be happy to find out that the classic rules apply to this numerical lottery.

In order to obtain a chance at winning a prize, you have to pick a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. The minimum betting amount per game is one ringgit but if you’re feeling lucky, you can go larger.

Apart from the standard gameplay, there are two additional opportunities – i-perm and roll.

The term i-perm stands for i-permutation. You have to choose the number of permutations that you’re interested in. These could be between four and 24. If you choose the lowest number of permutations, just one of the digits you choose will be moved to create four variations. If your chosen number is 1112, for example, the other three permutations will be 2111, 1211 and 1121. The minimum amount you’ll have to spend in this case is one ringgit per set. Thus, a four-permutation set will cost four ringgits and the largest set will cost 24 ringgits.

A roll bet comes in the range from roll 1 to roll 4. In the case of roll 1, the player selects the last three digits and the first one will be all possibilities from 0 to 9. A roll 4 has all four of the digits varying from 0 to 9. The minimum bet for roll 1 is 10 ringgits.

Whenever the bet is made, the player has to choose between a big and a small bet. These two will determine the amount of the top prize and the lower prizes that a player will be entitled to.

Toto drawings are held three times per week – on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. They take place at the Toto headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and are open to members of the public. Tickets can be acquired by 7 p.m. on the day of the respective drawing and a later purchase will count towards the next one.

To acquire their tickets, players have to be aged 21 or older as per Malaysian regulations.

Currently, Sports Toto 4D tickets cannot be acquired online. Toto does have an app but it’s solely used to track Toto 4D results. International online lottery agents do not support the Sports Toto Malaysia games. Thus, a foreigner who wants to test their luck will have to be in the territory of Malaysia for the purpose of acquiring their ticket.

Toto 4D Prizes

Obviously, the prizes will be affected by the sum that the player has bet and whether a big or a small bet has been chosen.

The following table will present the prizes based on a one-ringgit bet:

Prize Category Big Bet (RM) Small Bet (RM)
1 2,500 3,500
2 1,000 2,000
3 500 1,000
10 Special 180 N/A
10 Consolation Prizes 60 N/A

As you can see, the small bet comes with bigger prizes but there aren’t lower awards. Thus, the potential for a larger payout will balance the availability of fewer awards. If you want to increase your odds of winning something from the Toto 4D in Malaysia, you will have to choose the big bet.

Toto 4D Malaysia gives you two options for increasing the size of your prizes – maximize the bet or opt for permutation/roll tickets. If you choose the i-perm or the roll, you increase your odds of claiming multiple prizes.

One of the latest big 4D wins occurred on September 9, 2018. One lucky Toto 4D player acquired a top prize of 250,000 ringgits. The entire prize pool for the drawing was 2,776 million ringgits. Earlier in September, one lucky player won the first prize of 280,000 ringgits.

The payout of prizes begins on the day after the drawing takes place. Claims can be made both at the Sports Toto headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and at the authorized retail venues. Players have 180 days from the date of the drawing to make their prize claim. If the sum is not cashed out within the respective time period, it will be added to a Ministry of Finance fund.

In Malaysia, lottery prizes are not subjected to a personal income tax. The amount that’s being advertised is the exact amount that a player will get.

To find out if you’ve won anything, you will need to check the Toto 4D results. You can do so by attending the live drawing or visiting the official Sports Toto Malaysia website. To check the Toto 4D result today, you can also rely on this website.

We work hard to update the results as soon as the new drawing takes place. Additionally, we feature an extensive Sports Toto 4D results archive. Go to the top of the page and use the drop-down menu to pinpoint the date that you’re interested in. when you do, the numbers will be provided. Use this information for reference purposes or to determine what the Toto 4D hot and cold numbers are.

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