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4D Jackpot

If you haven’t read our 4D overview, you may want to head there first. The reason is simple – 4D Jackpot is an extension of the original and trendy 4D game. To participate, players will once again have to choose the 4D numbers to get a 4D jackpot number. More information about the gameplay will be available in the section below.

4D Jackpot is one of the games in the portfolio of Lotto88 – a lottery entity based in Kota Kinabalu. Lotto88 (also known as Sabah Lottery Corporation) is run and operated by Diriwan Corporation. It was established in 1988 and ever since it has been adding popular new entries in its portfolio. Sabah 4D and 4D Jackpot are two of these primary entries.

4D Jackpot does not feature drawings of its own. Instead, the winners are determined on the respective 4D numbers. Like the original game, this one does come with a flexible bet. The maximum payout is fixed, but it can grow and roll over if there are no winners for the respective drawing.

Because the gameplay is a bit more specific, it’s essential to understand that 4D and 4D Jackpot are not the same thing. The fact that you’ve bought a 4D ticket doesn’t mean that you’ll also be entered for the 4D Jackpot drawing. You will have to announce your wish at the time of buying a ticket, and you’ll also have to pay the extra fee to get a chance at this fun little game.

4D Jackpot Rules

Here’s how 4D Jackpot works – you have to pick a 4D number in the range from 0000 to 9999 and an additional four-digit number. Together, these two form the 4D Jackpot number. Your entry is going to look something like this: 1234 + 4321.

The minimum bet for 4D Jackpot is one ringgit.

Apart from the standard gameplay, there are a few additional options that players can choose from. The quick pick is a standard feature that is also typical for a range of international lotteries. In this instance, two four-digit numbers will be generated automatically by the ticket-buying software and printed on the ticket.

The premium (PAU) gameplay comes with all possible permutations of the four-digit numbers. It’s possible for a player to choose all permutations for one of the four-digit numbers or both of them. In the first case, the minimum payment (for four permutations) will be four ringgit. When the permutations apply to both of the four-digit 4D Jackpot numbers, the minimum payment is going to be 24 ringgit.

There is one more gameplay option, and it is called the roll. In the case of a roll bet, the player chooses three fixed digits and one rolling digit in any order. The rolling digit is designated by R, and it represents all possibilities from zero to nine.  The rolling digit can be entered in either one of the 4D Jackpot digits (the cost is 10 ringgit) or in both of them (in which case, the ticket price is going to be 100 ringgit).

These additional gameplay possibilities aim to increase the odds of winning a prize. It’s also possible for players to choose a combination of PAU and rolling digits. If such a gameplay option is chosen, the cost of the ticket will be in the range of 40 to 240 ringgit.

As per local regulations, players who want to test their 4D Jackpot luck have to be aged 21 or older. Tickets can be acquired at multiple authorized retail venues. Online ticket buying options aren’t available at the time being.

4D Jackpot Prizes

There is a total of five prize tiers, the jackpot being the biggest one of them all. For a more detailed breakdown of the prizes, please take a look at the following table (the prizes calculated here are by a one ringgit bet):

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (RM)
Jackpot One of the 4D numbers has to match the number for one of the top three prizes in the 4D drawing, and the other number has to match one of the top two remaining prizes One million + jackpot 1 roll-over
2 One of the 4D Jackpot numbers has to match one of the 4D top three prize numbers, and the other one has to match one of the 10 lucky prize numbers 25,000 + jackpot 2 rollover + cascaded amount
3 Any of the 4D Jackpot numbers in the pair matches one of the three top prizes in the regular 4D drawing 84
4 One of the 4D Jackpot numbers has to match one of the 10 lucky prize numbers 34
5 One of the two 4D Jackpot numbers matches one of the 10 consolation prize numbers 14

As you can see, the amount a player can win in 4D Jackpot is determined by the bet that has been placed. There are no limits on the top prizes, and a bigger bet can produce a massive amount.

In the table above, the Jackpot 1 prize includes money from previous drawings (55 percent of the prize pool in the form of a rolled-over amount). The Jackpot 2 consists of rolled-over money from a previous drawing in the form of 10 percent of the prize pool.

Smaller prizes can be claimed at the Diriwan Corporation Betting Outlets in Sabah. For a larger prize, the organization’s headquarters will have to be visited. Keep in mind that a 15 percent income tax applies to all of the lottery prizes.

If you are looking for the latest 4D Jackpot results, you’ve come to the right place. We have a comprehensive archive, and we add the new information as soon as a drawing takes place. Just use the drop-down menu in the top part of the page to choose the drawing date and to see which 4D Jackpot numbers have been drawn. We wish you tons of luck and have a lot of fun!

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