How to Buy 4D Jackpot Tickets

Malaysia is known for its fun and exciting variations of the 4D lottery game. If you’ve tried out the classic 4D and you’re looking for something a bit more innovative and exciting to test out, 4D Jackpot may be the right opportunity for you.

4D Jackpot 88 is available throughout Sabah. It’s one of the games in the portfolio of Diriwan – the local lottery operator that also organizes 3D, 4D, and the Sabah Lotto.

While you may think that playing 4D Jackpot is the same as getting your 4D tickets, there are a few essential differences between the two games that you’d have to keep in mind.

Sabah 4D Jackpot: A Quick Overview

As the name suggests, this is an extension of the 4D game. 4D is so prevalent in Malaysia that numerous operators have a version of it in their portfolio. Lotto88 went a step further to put together a spin-off game called 4D Jackpot. This lottery quickly gained popularity and started rivaling the original.

Just like in the case of 4D, you have to select a four-digit number. The difference here, however, is that 4D Jackpot features two four-digit numbers in the range from 0000 to 9999. Thus, your 4D Jackpot ticket (if you opt for a standard entry) is going to look something like this: 1249 + 5583.

To win a prize, you need to have at least one of your four-digit numbers matching the number drawn for one of the top three prizes. Diriwan 4D Jackpot comes with a minimum guaranteed top prize of one million ringgits. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over towards the next one as the jackpots grow, the participation in 4D Jackpot increases. Everyone’s hoping to quickly become a millionaire and have their financial issues sorted out for life.

Buying 4D Jackpot Tickets: How to Choose a Way to Play

For a chance to win a 4D jackpot prize, you’ll need to submit at least a basic bet that consists of the two four-digit numbers. The cost of this basic bet is one ringgit.

Lotto88, however, gives you numerous additional opportunities to win a prize. To increase your odds of winning, you can opt for permutation, a roll or a system entry.

In the case of a permutation ticket bet, you cover the possible permutations of either one or both of the four-digit numbers you’ve chosen to play. If you choose one four-digit number permutation, you’ll have to spend four ringgits on your entry. A permutation bet for both numbers will cost you 24 ringgits.

The roll bet comes in the following format: R123 + 7629. In this case, R is replaced with all numbers from zero to nine. Hence, you have multiple entries in the drawing. Statistically, such an approach increases your odds of winning. A roll bet could be for one of the four-digit numbers (10 ringgits) or for both of them, in which case your ticket will cost 100 ringgits.

There’s a combination of a permutation and a roll bet. If you want to feature both of these options and your four-digit numbers aren’t comprised of the same digits, the amount you’ll have to spend is going to be 240 ringgits.

Finally, there’s a system bet possibility. If you’re buying 4D Jackpot tickets for the first time, this could be a bit confusing. Gain some experience before attempting to play a system. Systems consist of more numbers than those required to win the price. Hence, you will once again benefit from better odds.

A system bet of three pairs is the smallest one, and it costs three ringgits. The biggest system ticket features 190 pairs of four-digit numbers. The cost of such an entry is 190 ringgits.

How to Buy 4D Jackpot Tickets

4D Jackpot 88 is a local Malaysian game that’s available in Sabah. To get your ticket, you will have to visit one of the numerous retail venues scattered throughout the province. These feature Lotto88 branding and are easy to recognize.

When you visit the booth, choose your pair of lucky four-digit numbers. If you don’t have your digits that you’d like to play, opt for a quick pick. This way, the numbers will be generated randomly for you by the software at the retail venue.

If you don’t want to play a regular game but would instead like to test out a permutation, roll or system bet, let the customer service representative know in advance. They will also give you a bit of guidance if you don’t know exactly how to fill out your ticket.

Once the ticket is completed, it will be registered in the system, and you’ll have to pay the respective amount. You will be issued a play slip that you should sign the back of and keep. This play slip is the one you will have to present to claim a prize in the event of winning.

In Malaysia, you have to be aged 21 or older to buy lottery tickets. There are no restrictions concerning the nationalities of people who can test their luck.

When you play, you can check out the 4D Jackpot results via the game’s official website, at the retail venues, as well as here.

Can You Buy 4D Jackpot Tickets Online?

While online ticket purchases are incredibly convenient, such options aren’t available in Malaysia at the time being.

Lotto88 doesn’t have an official portal that enables players to get their 4D Jackpot tickets online.

At the time being, international lottery agencies do not offer Malaysian tickets. Hence, you have to be on the territory of the country, and you will have to visit one of the Sabah authorized retail venues if you want to test out 4D Jackpot.

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