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Magnum mGold is yet another entry in the portfolio of Magnum Corporation. While the company started with the license for the official 4D classic game, its number of options has increased over the years.

mGold is a six-digit game that was launched solely in 2017. Ever since its debut, however, it has helped a number of people claim a spectacular prize. Since the game is such a popular one, there are three drawings per week. The cost of ticket acquisition and the simple gameplay options in comparison to other Malaysian lotteries have both grown the popularity of Magnum mGold.

mGold Rules

Are you wondering how to play Magnum M Gold? We have the answers for you. The truth of the matter is that the Magnum Corp. game is pretty simple and straightforward.

For a chance of winning the maximum prize, you need to choose a six-digit number in the range from 000000 to 999999. The digits can be repeated so that your ticket may look something like 153888.

The cost of a minimum entry is two ringgits. There are three drawings per week – on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. On occasions, there are special drawings that occur on a Tuesday. More information about the special drawing will be provided in advance.

Players can choose their own numbers or they can opt for a lucky pick. In the second case, the software will select the numbers randomly when the ticket is being created and printed out.

The mGold winning numbers are based on the results of the classic Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold game. On top of the chosen numbers for the primary game, you’ll need to pick an additional two-digit number in the range from 00 to 19.

Tickets can be acquired at any of the authorized Magnum Corporation retail venues. As per Malaysian regulations, players have to be aged 21 or older in order to participate. Currently, there are no online gameplay options. Both international players and Malaysians will need to visit the retail venues for the purpose of acquiring their tickets. International lottery agents do not support mGold ticket acquisition at the time being.

mGold Prizes

The value of the bet is the one that will be determining for the amount that players could eventually claim in the event of getting the correct number range. Here’s a prize breakdown table that’s based on a two-ringgit bet:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Prize (RM)
1 Match all 6 numbers 100,000
2 Match first 5 or last 5 numbers 3,388
3 Match first 4 or last 4 numbers 338
4 Match first 3 or last 3 numbers 38
5 Match first, middle or last 2 numbers 4

The very first drawing of the game took place on May 15, 2017. This very first game produced four winners of the top prize.

Ever since mGold has produced a number of great winners. On June 9, 2017, a single man from Kuala Lumpur won 603,592 ringgits. The man in his 50s had been playing 4D Jackpot Gold for many years. Upon the announcement of the new game, he decided to give it a try. Obviously, this experiment paid off pretty well.

Since the very launch of the new game, there have been more than 15 winners who claimed the maximum amount that the game makes available.

Prize claims can be initiated on the business day following the drawing date. Players have six months from the date of the drawing in order to make a claim for their Magnum mGold prize.

Sums of up to 2,000 ringgits can be cashed out at any authorized Magnum Corporation retail venue. The payout will be immediate and in the form of a cheque. In some situations, the respective venue could be capable of making a lump sum payout.

For larger sums, players will need to visit the region and the head Magnum Corporation office. All of the prizes are freed from personal income taxation in Malaysia.

This is everything you need to know about the Magnum 4D mGold prize structure. The hierarchy is simple, the payouts are fixed and dependent on the amount that the player has bet.

To find out if you’ve won anything, you’ll need to check out the Magnum M Gold result today. You can do so by watching the drawing take place live on TV. Additionally, the results will be announced via the Magnum Corp. official website.

You can also find information about the Magnum M Gold result today on this website. Just head to the drop-down menu in the top of the page. Use it to select the drawing that you’re interested in and the information will be made available. The new results will be uploaded almost immediately after the drawing takes place.

We also have a detailed Magnum mGold results archive that dates back to the beginning of the game. It is a great tool you can rely on for the purpose of pinpointing hot and cold numbers. Such a strategy could potentially increase your odds of winning a prize.

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