How to Buy mGold Tickets

mGold is a fun and somewhat different game in comparison to what other Malaysian lottery providers have to offer. It is one of the newer entries by Magnum Corporation, but there are three drawings per week due to the popularity of mGold.

Buying a mGold ticket is an easy-peasy task. You have to follow only a few simple steps, and you’ll get your chance to win a seriously big prize eventually.

What Is mGold: A Quick Game Overview

To play mGold, you have to choose a six-digit number in the range from 000000 to 999999. Drawings take place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Special drawings could be held occasionally on Tuesdays, but Magnum Corporation will announce these in advance.

mGold winning numbers are based on the Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold results.

You have the freedom to choose how much you’re going to bet on mGold tickets. The minimum entry amount is two ringgits. The sum you want to bet will affect the prize you’re going to get in the event of winning.

If you match all six digits (both the numbers and the order) and you bet two ringgits, you will win 100,000 ringgits. Matching the first or the last five numbers will give you an award of 3,388 ringgits. In addition to the two main prizes, there are also three lower prize tiers.

Magnum Corporation makes the mGold results immediately available after the drawing. You can visit the official website to get your mGold Magnum results and find out if you’ve won anything.

Our website is also dedicated to providing quick and accurate mGold results, as well as timely information for other games in Malaysia. Check out the mGold results section to find out the latest six-digit number that has been drawn. We also feature a mGold Magnum results archive that can be useful for reference purposes.

Ways to Play Magnum Corporation mGold

There are several possibilities you can choose among when buying your Magnum mGold ticket.

Standard gameplay is the first possibility. In this case, you choose your six-digit number and spend a minimum of two ringgits on the acquisition. Remember that both the numbers and their order are essential. Your mGold entry could feature repeat digits and look like this: 115935.

If you don’t have your own set of numbers you’d like to try, opt for the Lucky Pick option. Lucky Pick is available at all of the Magnum Corporation retail outlets. In that case, the game software will generate a random six-digit combination on your behalf and print it out on the ticket.

Roll play is another possibility you need to familiarize yourself with when buying a mGold ticket.

You can choose to roll any one of the six digits in your combination. Your entry will have the following appearance: 369R22. In that instance, the R will be replaced by all of the numbers from zero to nine. One ticket will give you access to 10 different combinations, improving your odds of winning. The minimum cost of Roll play is 20 ringgits.

One final option you have is advance play.

Advance play allows you to buy tickets for several consecutive upcoming drawings. The biggest number of drawings you can buy tickets in advance for is five. This rule applies to all of the Magnum Corporation games.

Where Can You Buy mGold Tickets?

mGold tickets are readily available throughout Malaysia.

To acquire your ticket, you have to be aged at least 21, and you have to be non-Muslim. If you meet these two conditions, locate a nearby Magnum Corporation retail outlet. All of the Magnum Corp lotteries are available there.

There are no restrictions concerning the nationality of people who can buy mGold tickets. As long as you’re in Malaysia and there’s a nearby Magnum Corp agent, you can test your mGold luck.

The retail outlets are also a place where you can find the latest mGold results and even ask questions about the gameplay options or the ticket acquisition process.

Most Magnum Corporation retail agents have extended operation hours on drawing days. Thus, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday open hours are from 8 am to 7 pm. Thursday is an official rest day. During the other days of the week, retailers will operate for a fewer number of hours. You may want to check the local outlet to familiarize yourself with the working hours and the most convenient times for the acquisition of your mGold ticket.

Can You Buy mGold Tickets Online?

Buying lottery tickets online is becoming increasingly popular. Such options are available in many countries, and national lotteries are working towards enabling mobile and web-based payments for tickets.

Such opportunities are still unavailable in Malaysia.

While Magnum Corporation has a well-developed and pretty modern website, it does not allow for the online purchase of lottery tickets.

If you want to test out your mGold luck, you will have to be in Malaysia, and you will have to visit one of the Magnum Corp retail outlets. Even if you find an online ticket buying opportunity developed by a third party, the chances are that it’s not legitimate and it’s not going to result in the acquisition of an official mGold ticket.

At the time being, there are no options to buy mGold tickets if you’re not in Malaysia. Online lottery agents that sell international tickets do not support Malaysian lotteries. If you’re a member of such a website and you already use it to buy lottery tickets from different countries, you may want to check the list of lotteries periodically. Online agencies are always working on expanding their portfolios, and tickets from Malaysia could eventually become available online in the future.

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