DaMaCai Super 1 + 3D

DaMaCai Super 1 + 3D

If you’re tired of the same old 3D format, you’re probably looking for something a bit more exciting. Da Ma Cai Super 1 + 3D is one such Malaysian game that offers dedicated lottery enthusiasts a chance to win cool prizes.

While there’s a 3D in the name of the lottery, it’s not based on the selection of a three-digit number. Winning Super 1 + 3D is more challenging, which is why players can also expect to claim bigger prizes in the event of winning.

Super 1 + 3D is one of the games in the Da Ma Cai portfolio. The brand was developed by Pan Malaysian Pools Bhd – an entity set up back in 1988. Its aim was to manage the number forecasts totalizator business in Malaysia. Today, Pan Malaysian Pools has a big portfolio of lotteries under its Da Ma Cai brand. A few of the most prominent ones include 1 + 3D, 3D, 1 + 3D Jackpot, 3D Jackpot and 3 + 3D Bonus.

Learning how to play Super 1 + 3D is fairly simple. Let’s take a look at some of the lottery’s main rules.

Super 1 + 3D Rules

To play Super 1 + 3D, you will have to select a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Just like in the case of the classic 3D game, players are also free to choose the amount they’re going to bet. This sum will be determining for the value of the Damacai Super 1 + 3D prize. A minimum entry of one ringgit is required to acquire a ticket.

This is everything you need to know about the basic playing rules. Da Ma Cai Super 1 + 3D, however, enables a few additional opportunities apart from the straight bet.

A Box Bet allows you to cover all permutations of the four-digit number you’ve chosen. If your numbers are 2442, for example, the box bet will submit entries for 2442, 4224, 2244, 4422, 2424 and 4242. Thus, a box bet increases your odds of winning because you’ll be playing a larger set.

If all of your Super 1 + 3D four digits are different, the box bet is going to cost you 24 ringgits. When three of the digits are the same, the entry is the most inexpensive – four ringgits.

The other two possibilities are roll bet and IBOX.

Roll bet allows you to roll any digit in your combination. Your submission is going to appear in this form – R527 – in which case the R will be replaced by all of the numbers from zero to nine. The cost of a roll bet is 10 ringgits because it will be giving you 10 combinations to play with.

IBOX is the final possibility and it enables you to cover all permutations of your four-digit number. Just like in the case of a box bet, IBOX will have a varying cost, depending on how many numbers are the same in your bet.

Da Ma Cai Super 1 + 3D drawings take place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the circumstances, special drawings may be scheduled occasionally on Tuesday.

To be eligible for ticket buying, you have to be at least 21 and non-Muslim. Foreigners who are legally on the territory of Malaysia can also buy their Super 1 + 3D tickets at all of the licensed Da Ma Cai retail venues.

At the time being, Da Ma Cai doesn’t offer an online ticket buying option. If you’re not in Malaysia, you’ll be incapable of getting a ticket via the international online lottery agents.

Super 1 + 3D Prizes

Players have multiple Super 1 + 3D prizes to look forward to. The Super 1 + 3D prize structure is similar to that of the standard 3D game but there are several very important exceptions.

Here’s a simple chart that will shed more light on the Super 1 + 3D prize tiers:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (RM)
1 Your selected numbers match the four-digit number drawn for the first prize 6,500
2 Your selected numbers match the four-digit number drawn for the second prize 6,500
3 Your selected numbers match the four-digit number drawn for the third prize 6,500
STA Your selected numbers match the four-digit number drawn for the starter category 650
CON Your selected numbers match the four-digit number drawn for the consolation category 650
TP3 Your selected numbers match either the first, second or third prize winning numbers 2,168
ALL Your selected numbers match any of the four-digit numbers for the respective drawing 1,300 (first, second and third), 130 (starter), 130 (consolation)

A very important thing to understand is that the player has to select the prize category that they’re playing for, on top of the four-digit numbers. Thus, if you submit 1234 as your bet for the first prize tier and this is the four-digit number drawn for that category, you will win the biggest prize.

These calculations are made on the basis of a one-ringgit bet. Keep in mind that if you do an IBOX bet, the structure of the prizes and the tiers will be different. You can find more information on the official Da Ma Cai website.

Prizes can be claimed on the workday following the date of the drawing. Players have three months from the date of the drawing to come forward and cash out their award.

Sums of up to 75,000 ringgits can be cashed out at any Da Ma Cai retail outlet. For sums in the range from 75,001 to 200,000 ringgits, players will need to visit a regional Da Ma Cai office. Larger prizes can be claimed solely at the Da Ma Cai headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

In Malaysia, lottery prizes aren’t subjected to a personal income tax. The amount advertised by Da Ma Cai is the exact sum a player is going to claim.

Since you only have three months to cash out your Super 1 + 3D prizes, you have to pay attention to drawing results. The goal can be accomplished in several ways.

The Super 1 + 3D results are available on the official Da Ma Cai website as soon as the drawing takes place. The website features additional useful information like contact details and the addresses of the regional offices.

We also work hard to offer accurate Super 1 + 3D results. The respective page will be updated as soon as a new drawing takes place. In addition, we have an extensive results archive. Just go to the top of the Super 1 + 3D page and choose the date that you’re interested in from the drop-down menu. The four-digit numbers and the prize categories for the respective date will be displayed.

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