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Sports Toto 5D

Sports Toto Malaysia has something to offer to everyone. Some of the lotteries feature better odds but less prominent prizes. Some are more challenging to win but come with a wonderful maximum payout. Sports Toto 5D is somewhere in between.

Toto 5D has been launched as one of the variations to the original 4D game that Sports Toto launched shortly after its inauguration. Over the years, the portfolio of the largest lottery operator in Malaysia has grown to include a number of additional opportunities. Toto 5D is just one of them, the others being 4D Jackpot, 6D, Supreme 6/58, Power 6/55 and Star 6/50.

5D brings together a couple of cool features. It comes with the same flexibility as the 4D game. Since it is more difficult to win, however, the Toto 5D prizes are more exciting than those of the original game. If you like 4D style games, you should definitely check this one out.

Toto 5D Rules

Wondering how to play Toto 5D? The premise is relatively simple and there are two primary things to keep in mind – the five-digit number you’ll pick and the bet.

To play Toto 5D, you have to select a five-digit number in the range from 00000 to 99999. The minimum bet to put on your submission is one ringgit. In order to win the top prize, you will have to match the five digits drawn as the first prize.

Each winning number is entitled to a single prize.

Apart from the standard bet, you can also opt for the i-perm option.

I-perm stands for insurance permutation. You can opt for anywhere between five and 120 permutations, increasing your odds of winning a Toto 5D prize.

Each set of permutations costs one ringgit. The smallest permutation of five will give you an entry like this one: 00001, 00010, 00100, 01000 and 10000. Thus, you will have four identical digits in the five-digit permutation and one that switches its position. In this case, the amount you’ll have to spend on getting your ticket is five ringgits.

If you opt for the 120 permutations, you’ll have to spend 120 ringgits on the acquisition of the ticket.

Through a bit of Toto 5D analysis, you can examine the attractiveness of numbers and determine the ones that can increase your odds of winning a prize. You will need to examine Toto 5D results to pinpoint hot and cold numbers and to eventually choose the most favorable i-perm selection.

The Toto 5D drawings take place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The drawings are held at the Sports Toto headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, at 7 p.m. local time. If you’re over the age of 21, you can apply to witness the drawing live. More information about being invited to the live drawing is available on the official website of Sports Toto.

In order to get your Toto 5D tickets, you have to be aged 21 or older.

At the time being, Sports Toto does not feature online ticket buying options. To get your 5D ticket and place a bet, you will have to visit one of the numerous Sports Toto retail venues throughout Malaysia. Foreign players can also buy tickets when on the territory of the country. Buying a 5D ticket online and if you’re not in Malaysia isn’t possible at the time being.

Toto 5D Prizes

Once you choose your Toto 5D lucky numbers and you submit the ticket, it’s time to check out if you have won anything. Toto 5D offers six individual prize tiers. Here’s how much you can claim from each on the basis of a one-ringgit bet:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (RM)
1 5 digits drawn as first prize 15,000
2 5 digits drawn as second prize 5,000
3 5 digits drawn as third prize 3,000
4 Last 4 digits of first prize 500
5 Last 3 digits of first prize 20
6 Last 2 digits of first prize 5

Obviously, the bigger the bet, the larger the payout is going to be. Still, be mindful and don’t get carried away when placing a bet. While there’s a chance of winning a prize, you can lose a lot if you put an excessively large amount on a single bet.

Over the years, Toto 5D has produced a number of great prizes.

On September 4, 2018, one player won significant Toto 5D prize money. The sum was 150,000 ringgits and the ticket was sold in the Petaling district. In August, one player won a massive first prize of 225,000 ringgits. Also in the summer of 2018, a single player claimed a prize of 300,000 ringgits.

Prize claims begin on the day after the drawing. Winners can visit any authorized Sports Toto retail venue to request the payout. Payments are available in the 180 days following the date of the drawing.

Malaysia does not have a personal income tax on lottery prizes. The sum being advertised for the respective Sports Toto 5D bet is the one that the player will get without any deductions.

As you can see, Toto 5D is definitely worth a try. The flexibility and the small betting amount both justify experimenting. Carrying out a bit of Toto 5D analysis, however, is going to be essentials. To pinpoint your Toto 5D lucky numbers, you’ll have to check past results and determine a pattern.

The latest Toto 5D results are available on the official Sports Toto website. This is where you can also check an archive for the purpose of determining how and cold numbers. We also have an extensive database you can rely on for the purpose of improving your chances of winning. Just go to the drop-down menu on top of this page and select the drawing date you’re interested in. The respective winning numbers will be displayed so that you can pinpoint trends and choose the numerical set bound to give you a prize the next time around.

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