How to Buy 4D Tickets

The Sabah (Lotto88) 4D game is the most popular one in the portfolio of the lottery organizer. Much beloved and quite flexible, this number-based game has enabled many people to become at least a bit richer through the years.

If you’ve never bought 4D Lotto tickets in the past, you may be wondering about the process. We’re here to assure you that it’s simple, secure and straightforward. You will need to understand the specifics of the game and determine how you’d want to bet to acquire your ticket quickly.

Do you still need a bit of guidance? Check out the steps below to learn everything about buying a 4D ticket in Malaysia.

4D Sabah: An Overview

4D Malaysia is just one of many such similar games in Malaysia. The other entries – Magnum 4D, Toto 4D – are available via other lottery operators in the country.

As the name suggests, you have to pick at least one four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999 for a chance to win the top 4D prize. A 4D lucky number can lack repeat digits and look like this – 1259. Alternatively, your 4D number could come with repeat digits like 1773.

There are also variations in the manner you bet. These are the ones you’ll have to understand when buying the ticket. One of the bet options comes with better odds but lower prizes. The second betting option makes it more challenging to win, but if you do, the award is going to be bigger.

A 4D draw takes place three times per week – on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are sold every day, but if you miss the deadline for the respective drawing, your ticket will be included in the coming one.

Specifics of the 4D Ticket

The simplest way to play 4D involves a standard bet. This means you choose one 4D number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Once you have your number, however, you will have to decide whether you’re going to place a big or a small bet.

A bit bet entitles you to three top prizes, 10 lucky and 10 consolation prizes. The minimum bet is one ringgit. If you bet one ringgit and you win the top big bet prize, you will receive 2,500 ringgits. To achieve this type of 4D win, you will have to match the four-digit number that corresponds to the top prize.

The second prize is 1,000 ringgits, and the third one is 500 ringgits. Lucky prizes are set at 180 ringgits each and consolation prizes – at 60 ringgits.

A small bet has only the three top prizes. The minimum bet amount is again one ringgit. If you win, however, the top prize will be 3,500 ringgits, the second one will be 2,000 ringgits and the third one – 1,000 ringgits. The more you bet, the bigger the payout will be in the event of winning.

For a better chance to win the 4D jackpot, you may want to consider some of the alternative ticket buying options. These include a system bet, i-play, and 4D roll.

A system bet allows you to create a ticket for all of the possible permutations created from your four-digit number. Thus, if your four-digit number consists of four different digits, the number of permutations will be 24. The minimum bet amount is 24 ringgits. A number that has three same digits is the least expensive one to base a system entry on. You will have four permutations, and the minimum cost will be four ringgits.

i-Play is a system entry bet that is priced at one ringgit, regardless of the number of permutations.

Finally, 4D roll refers to a bet in which one of the digits is substituted by R. Thus; your ticket entry will look like this: R234. In the case, R will be replaced by all of the numbers from zero to nine. With one ticket, you will get 10 different combinations that will increase your odds of winning. The minimum cost of a 4D roll ticket is 10 ringgits.

It’s essential to be reasonable when setting the amount you’re going to bet. While it may feel tempting to bet more, the loss will also be bigger in the event of not winning anything.

4D Ticket Buying: Where and How

You’re not familiar with 4D how to win best practices and the numerous kinds of possible bets. Let’s now take a look at the places where you can get your tickets.

Lotto88 retail venues are available throughout Diriwan in Malaysia. They’re clearly labeled and branded. To place a lottery bet in Malaysia, you have to be 21 or older.

When you visit a retail venue, you should tell the clerk if you want to place a big or a small bet and whether you’re playing standard, system, i-Play or 4D roll.

If you don’t have your numbers to list on the ticket, you can opt for the quick pick option. This option makes the lottery software generate a random four-digit number for you. It will be printed on the ticket, alongside information about the type of bet.

Since the bet amount isn’t fixed, you will have to determine if you’re going to bet the minimum of one ringgit or opt for a more substantial sum.

When you’re done with these considerations, the ticket will be printed, and you’ll receive a play slip. Keep that play slip and use it as proof of winning when you go to claim a prize (a valid ID will also be required).

Can You Buy 4D Online Tickets?

Hopefully, this list of 4D tips has been detailed enough to answer all of your questions. There’s one final thing we need to address, and that is the possibility of buying a 4D online ticket.

At the time being, Malaysia lottery operators don’t make such an option available. 4D Sabah is only available locally, and you need to visit a retail venue to place a bet.

Tickets cannot be acquired out of Malaysia. If you’re not in the country, you can’t use the services of an online lottery operator. These websites that sell tickets for international lotteries do not support games from Malaysia.

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