Big Sweep Super 7

Big Sweep Super 7

With a name like Big Sweep Super 7, this game is definite to impress. The Malaysian entry is obviously a derivative of the original Big Sweep game, which means it’s a sweepstakes-style game rather than a lottery.

Still, the original Big Sweep got to be so popular through the years that its creators, Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd, decided to produce a spinoff version. This is how Big Sweep Super 7 came into existence.

Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd was set up back in 1988 and ever since it’s been one of the most active players on the local lottery market. The first Big Sweep drawing occurred in 1989 and till present date, more than 400 drawings have occurred.

The game was launched in 2017 and over its short period of existence, it has gotten to be quite popular. While it’s yet to meet the fame of its predecessor, this Malaysian game is 100 percent worth a try.

Big Sweep Super 7 Rules

Are you wondering how to play Big Sweep Super 7? The following guide will acquaint you with the main rules and the most important thing to keep in mind is that the sweepstake is fairly simple.

Big Sweep Super 7 comes with pre-printed tickets. Each one features the drawing date, a seven-digit number, a Scratch2Win area and a bonus scratch area. In essence, every ticket entitles the player to participate in three games – a draw-style sweepstake, an instant win scratch-off lottery, and a bonus scratch-off game.

Each Big Sweep Super 7 ticket costs five ringgits.

Big Sweep Super 7 drawings take place four times per year – in March, June, September, and December.

Because of the numerical combinations and the prizes drawn, each ticket could be entitled to win more than one prize. If this is the case, the ticket’s owner will be the recipient of the highest possible prize that the number qualifies for.

Just like all other lotteries in Malaysia, Big Sweep Super 7 is available to those aged 21 and older and who are non-Muslim. There are no limitations when it comes to foreigners who are legally in the country – they can test their luck and claim Big Sweep Super 7 prizes.

Big Sweep Super 7 tickets can be bought at all of the authorized Pan Malaysian Sweeps retail venues (the places that sell Big Sweep tickets will also have Super 7 entries available). Players are free to get as many tickets as they feel comfortable with.

At the time being, there’s no opportunity for playing Big Sweep Super 7 online. A certain number of tickets is printed for every single drawing. Players do not choose and generate their tickets. Hence, it’s not possible to get Big Sweep Super 7 tickets online, whether you’re in Malaysia or another country.

Big Sweep Super 7 Prizes

To claim the top Big Sweep Super 7 prize, you will need to match all seven digits drawn in the exact order. Apart from the top prize, the game will award 56,189 prizes and the size of each is dependent on the numerical match.

Please take a look at the table below for a better understanding of the prize tiers and the amounts players will be entitled to:

Prize Tier Number of Prizes Estimated Prize (RM)
1 7 1,000,000
2 7 100,000
Bonus prize 7 Myvi Perodua
3 7 10,000
4 28 3,000
5 42 2,000
6 91 1,000
7 (match first four digits) 7,000 100
8 (match last three digits) 49,000 10

On top of that, there’s the instant Scratch2Win section of the ticket. As the name suggests, this one will involve scratching off a section of the ticket to reveal certain symbols and potentially win instant prizes.

The main and the bonus scratch areas provide an additional range of over 1.769 million prizes.

Check the table below to get a better idea about the available opportunities:

Bonus Scratch Off Big Sweep Super 7 Prizes
Prize Tier Amount or type of award
Match 9 numbers Mercedes Benz car
Match 8 numbers Honda Civic car
Match 7 numbers 10,000 ringgits
Match 6 numbers 1,000 ringgits
Match 5 numbers 50 ringgits
Match 4 numbers 20 ringgits
Match 3 numbers 10 ringgits
Match 2 numbers 8 ringgits
Match 1 number 5 ringgits
Bonus 1 500 ringgits
Bonus 2 100 ringgits
Bonus 3 10 ringgits
Bonus 4 5 ringgits
Bonus 5 2 ringgits

More information about the prize structure and the number of awards per prize tier is available in a table on the back side of the ticket.

Depending on the amount that the player has won, there are two options for claiming the prize.

Sums of up to 100,000 ringgits can be requested at any branch office or Big Sweep authorized retail agency within Malaysia.

For larger sums, players will need to visit the main Big Sweep office in Kuala Lumpur. More information about the addresses and the contact information of the offices is available on the official Big Sweep website.

In order to determine if you’re entitled to a prize, you’ll how to learn how to check Big Sweep Super 7 results.

The results of the scratch-off game will become available immediately. You can actually scratch off the second portion of the ticket at the agency to make an immediate prize claim.

For the main game, you’ll need to check out the Big Sweep Super 7 results after the drawing takes place.

The information is published almost immediately on the official Big Sweep website. There are also various alternative ways to check Big Sweep Super 7 results.

Our website is dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate and reliable information about Malaysian results. We publish the latest Big Sweep and Big Sweep Super 7 results. In addition, you’ll find a Big Sweep Super 7 past results archive that you can use for reference or research purposes. Just choose the date of the drawing that you’re interested in and the information will be displayed for you.

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