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Cash Sweep

Cash Sweep or Cashsweep is a Malaysian luck game available in the Sarawak region. It falls under the umbrella of Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd – a company that was set up in 1995 for the exact purpose of organizing and carrying out lotteries.

Just like many other games in Malaysia, Cash Sweep is based on the 3D game format. There are two variations of the lottery available, each one with its specifics and prize ranges. The games that fall under the Cashsweep brand include 1 + 3D Big/Small and 3D Big.

Today, we’ll take a look at both of these opportunities, their main differences and the reasons why you should play one Cashsweep game or the other.

Cash Sweep Rules

Cash Sweep is a number forecast game. Regardless of the variety you select, you’ll need to enter a number of the ticket and hope to match the number drawn.

In the case of 1 + 3D Big/Small, you have to come up with a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. The big/small in the title refers to the betting possibilities. A big bet gives you the chance to win more prizes, including consolation awards. A small bet has fewer prizes but they are bigger than the awards for those playing the big bet.

Cash Sweep 3D Big has players choosing a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999. There are three prize tiers and no consolation prizes. For players who don’t have their lucky numbers, a quick pick option is available. A random number for the respective drawing will be generated at the agency.

The gameplay format was changed a couple of times through the years since the launch of Cashsweep. Eventually, Natural Avenue decided to stick to these two opportunities and they’ve become widely popular in Sarawak.

A minimum bet of one ringgit applies to the game. The amount of the bet will determine the payout players will be entitled to in the event of winning something.

For every game, there will be 23 winning numbers drawn. These will determine the main three prize tiers, as well as the consolation prizes in the case of the 1 + 3D Big/Small drawing. Drawings take place three times per week – on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Cash Sweep live drawings occur at the STC town office in Kuching, Sarawak. Cash Sweep drawing starts at 7 p.m. and the ticket sale offices close shortly before the hour on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Depending on the specifics of the occasion, local authorities may approve Cash Sweep special draws. Information about an upcoming Cash Sweep special draw will be provided in the media, as well as via the Cash Sweep retail outlets throughout Sarawak.

You have to be aged at least 21 and you should also be non-Muslim to buy Cash Sweep tickets. At the time being, Cashsweep tickets cannot be acquired online. You need to visit one of the Sarawak authorized agencies to place a bet and to participate in an upcoming drawing. The opportunity is open to residents of other countries who are legally staying in Malaysia at the time. The only requirement is for them to meet the age restriction.

Cash Sweep Prizes

Check the Cash Sweep latest results to determine if you’ve won anything. If you’ve guessed the number corresponding to a certain prize category, you will win a prize. The amount is entirely dependent on the amount you decided to bet and on the type of bet.

Here is a breakdown of the 3D Big prizes and they are based on a one-ringgit bet:

Prize Tier Award (in RM)
1st 500
2nd 100
3rd 30

The overall odds of winning a prize have been set at 1 in 5.6, which is pretty favorable.

If you’re more interested in the 1 + 3D Big/Small drawings, here’s a prize breakdown for you (once again, the awards are based on a one-ringgit bet):

Prize Tier Big Bet Small Bet
1st 2,500 3,500
2nd 1,000 2,000
3rd 500 1,000
Special 180 N/A
Consolation 60 N/A

All of the prizes, including the top award, are paid out in the form of a cash lump sum. You can get more information about the Cash Sweep latest result and the prize claim options at the two Cashsweep regional offices – one in Sibu (the phone number is 084-320202) and one in Miri (the phone number is 085-415331).

To receive the top prize, you will have to visit the Cashsweep headquarters in Kuching. Bring your winning ticket and a valid ID.

Amounts of up to 2,000 ringgits can be claimed from any authorized Cashsweep retailer in Sarawak. For sums that are larger, you’ll need to visit the regional offices.

Players have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make their prize claim.

In Sarawak, lotteries are subjected to a 15 percent income tax. This means you’ll receive a reduced amount in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

As you can see, you have a limited amount of time to come forward and make a prize claim. This is the main reason why you should keep track of the Cash Sweep latest results. These will be announced on the official Cashsweep website as soon as the drawing takes place. Retail agents can also provide you with information about the latest lucky numbers drawn.

There are various phone apps that provide information about Malaysian lottery drawing results. Most of these, however, aren’t official and there’s no guarantee of frequently updated information.

If you’re looking for another reliable source of Cashsweep results, you’ve come to the right place.

Malaysia4DResults is dedicated to providing relevant, timely and reliable information about lottery games in Malaysia. We have the latest Cashsweep information, as well as a Cash Sweep past result archive. To access older information, you’ll simply need to pick a date from the menu at the top of the page. The information for the respective drawing will be displayed immediately.

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